DanceStar Party

PS3 rhythm Game

About the Game

As part of my contracted time at Sony London Studios i was part of the team that worked on the DanceStar Party Rhythm game. This game brought the technology of the singstar party dance game to a separate full fledged game. The goal of the game was to copy the dance moves shown on screen using the PlayStation Move controller, the closer to the shown move the more points for the user.

My Task

I initially worked on creating the iconography assets for use in game. This consisted of working with the lead designers to transfer live video into representative icons which managed to indicate the pose as well as the movement. We went through many iterations of these icons, which were then tested in house to see live reactions and then alterations were made based on user feedback . I also had an opportunity to work closely with the lead motion designers to create abstract background concepts which were then brought into the game engine as the background videos behind the dancers.


Sony London Studio

Project Date



Graphic Designer (Contract)

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