WWE Network

Rebuilt from the ground up


WWE relaunched it’s On Demand video service in Q2 of 2019. The app showcases live wrestling events as well as the whole past catalogue of WWE shows, Original content related to Sports Entertainment and short-form clips.

The app is built around trending and popular content and creates a platform for people to watch the historical timeline of the WWE


World Wrestling Entertainment

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Senior UX/UI Designer (contractor)

Live Content

The unique selling point of the WWE Network is access to the live content exclusively available via their service.

We knew that fans wanted to get straight into the action and gave them the ability to skip to milestones of events to get exactly where they wanted easily

WWE Network live content image
youview app hero image

Atomic Design System

A design system was created to cut down the amount of screens developers needed to create the vision of the designs.

We created a component-based design system and with the use of third-party tools, developers were able to instantly see the specifications of the selected components.

This gave the team more time to focus on the design challenges rather than the repetitive smaller tasks.

One experience, Many Devices

Knowing that the WWE universe are some of the most active users on the forefront of technology, the client wanted to utilise the depth of media to adapt to the user interface for many devices.

WWE Network Superstars image

Bringing the fans closer

The fans are the central focus of the WWE Network redesign and there was extensive user research into exactly what the fans wanted from the service.

This led to easy access to Champions and timelines of championships as well as extended views of the WWE Superstars careers


1.69 million

average paid subscribers

9.0 billion

Digital video hours consumed

90 hours

Original network content produced