Book of Spells

Augmented reality PlayStation game


Sony London Studio

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Graphic Designer (Contract)

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YouView app hero image

The Goal

I had the pleasure of being in the team working on JK Rowling’s Harry Potter universe game for the Sony WonderBook. This augmented reality game used the Wonderbook in conjunction with both the Move controller and the PlayStation Eye to track the users movement and translate it into on screen graphics. The game followed the user embarking on a journey through ‘Hogwarts School’ and had the user ‘learn’ the spells from the Harry Potter series which they had to recreate with the Move control. This action was then turned into each level as the game combined a live video feed with on screen CGI elements.

Researching Environments

I was also tasked within a team of researchers to help bring to life the level environments. This part of my role consisted of taking concept designs and finding reference imagery to assist the environmental artists to create accurate assets and to allow them to build 3D models quickly and easily.

YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image

My Task

I worked on general UI layouts for this game, working closely with developers to produce concepts using in the in-game engine. I was also closely involved with creating concepts for the typography of the game, in particularly the typography of the spell names which the user was presented when completing the task to learn the spell.