Android TV

Becoming the UK's default TV on Sony


Help to bring the YouView system to Android TV by Google to allow it to be the default on all Sony televisions released in the UK. Adjust the user experience to fit in with Google guidleines and to work with the restricitons of the manufacturer


YouView / Sony

Project Date

2017 - 2018


Lead Product Designer

Sony TV Interface

Bringing the YouView interface to the platform

For this project, the YouView platform was completely rewritten in HTML5. With a technology change, we could upscale the interface to a native 1080p resolution. A perfect opportunity for a visual refresh of icons and typography for the user. The technology change also gave us the chance to use an updated design system for the first time.

On-Screen Keyboard

As the navigation for the platform uses the Sony remote control, it affected the search section of the UI. This led us to create a bespoke On-screen keyboard. This was an exclusive feature for the YouView Sony project.

We had to craft this feature from scratch. The existing search user experience relies on text entry from the YouView remote. Without control of certain buttons, this couldn’t be replicated with the Sony input. As part of our design process, we shared the user testing results with the Sony team in Japan. This ensured that the feature would not interfere with the default Google search

YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image

Set up Journeys

We needed to have an easy clear experience from the users first interaction with the new TV service. We integrated as part of the Google setup journey. This allowed us to promote the benefits of the YouView features at the very first journey


We were able to bring the YouView benefits to the user with the project. By showcasing the relationship we already had with major UK partners, we could promote unique programs now available. This new content was now available at the touch of a button for people browsing for new content.

Entry Points

With a service such as Android TV, the user has the ability to update and replace apps with their own choices. We didn't want the YouView features hidden from user's who in turn may struggle to find them again.
Our need gave us key access points for the user. These included both GUIDE & SEARCH remote control buttons as well as a Tile on the android home screen. We also benefited from the control of sections on SONY's customisable carousel

Android Home Screen

The Android home screen is the central point for the whole of the SONY TV interface. It is the first and main point of interaction for the user. We created bespoke discovery flows, each ending in promotion of YouView content. This allowed us to maximise the rewards of the space permitted by Google.

 YouView app hero image


We were able to bring the YouView benefits to the user with the project, highlighting the relationship YouView already had with the major UK channels, allowing their content to be deeply engrained in the Sony ecosystem, available at the touch of a button for people browsing for new content.

Remote control buttons

By taking ownership of buttons on the remote control it also gave the ability for even more entry points into the YouView interface. These flows had to be especially detailed as the control buttons where contextual depending on the users activity

Discover Section

Sony had an intergrated section of their UI which was also used to promote content. This gave an additional section that could contain regulated content by YouView for the consumer. By again working closely with the Sony team, we created journeys that could span across the three different sections of the platform (android, Sony, YouView)

The Process

Concepts & Feedback

We presented our work to both senior members of our team as well as external stakeholders on a regular basis. Using a agile review process it gave the teams abroad a way to be involved in the design process and it gave the design team a set goal to accomplish. Taking feedback was a tricky process as the separate companies all had their own review process which led to a lot of time waiting for admin to pass through back into useful design feedback. A company as large as Sony has a very different process which consisted of various people and teams syncing up before answers could be given.

Subtle Design Touches

There were a few sections which required reworking and alterations due to the impact of delivery times with the project. We looked to create bespoke versions of existing patterns that our customers had become accustomed too. We create a set of design components which corresponded with the development team and the Google established guidelines

Delivered Designs

The final finished design of the the project brought together feedback from stakeholders in the project into an approved visual and interaction design model. The final designs and documentation was then sent over to the Sony Tokyo office where it was integrated into the final packaged TV

YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image
YouView app hero image

Point of Sale Designs

In- Store promotions

As YouView was becoming the dominant brand in the Sony TV’s we also created some point of sale content to promote the upcoming release alongside Sony. This was the biggest partnership that YouView had been involved with so a lot of time and energy was spent to ensure that there were other eyes on the outcome of the project.

Web promotions

This promotion work didn't just stop on the SONY side. I led the art direction for junior designers to create a campain around the YouView social media channels to promote the arrival of the new partnership